Exploring Martial Arts Principles

Because Your Mind is Your Sharpest Weapon 

You spend countless hours  training to master technique. Invest some time in understanding deeper principles that integrate technical, tactical, and strategic concepts into a wider understanding of your martial art.

Budotheory.ca explores martial arts principles at the heart of many martial arts.

“If one only does sword technique,

it is not possible to know the true path of strategy (Heiho).”

Miyamoto Musashi

Are You a Truth Seeker (Kyudosha)?

There are underlying martial principles that transcend boundaries of style and technique. Pierce the Outside (Omote) and discover the many rich paths Inside (Ura) the awesome world of Budo that unfortunately many never wander into.

“There are whole worlds of facts waiting to be discovered by inference.”

Woodrow Wilson

Explore and Enjoy.